Habitat Training, June 2011

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries leads members in an insect identification exercise

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Sample Activities

Center in the Square Partnership Activities

Center in the Square and the Science Museum of Western Virginia have partnered with the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist to  support and develop educational programs. The following three ongoing programs require a regular commitment of at least once per month:

  • Tank Team Aquarium Docents (Atrium Lobby Aquariums)
  • Living River and Touch Tank Exhibit Attendants (Science Museum)
  • Butterfly Garden Exhibit Attendants (Science Museum)

VMN also hosts changing interactive educational programs in the Atrium or the Science Museum on a regular basis, presenting exhibits and interacting with the visitors.

Center in the Square has an urban green rooftop with gardens, rainwater collection, a koi pond, and solar energy collection. VMN could work with CITS to develop a future Service Activity for the chapter focused on Center’s green rooftop. Some possible ideas include plant identification, development of a care plan, enriching the current garden with more suitable plants, etc. VMN are welcome to research various exhibit ideas independently to provide Center with feedback in the form of notes, presentations, curriculum, or simple writing. VMN members can propose ideas and take the lead to expand educational programs and curricula for either school groups or daily visitors.

This activity is planned as a long-term partnership creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the goal of expanding opportunities for VMN to aid Center in the Square with our shared goals of natural resource management, conservation, and education.

The VMN liaison is Freyja Williams (freyja58@gmail.com540 362 3239).

The Activity Lead for Center in the Square is Kathleen Fort (kfort@centerinthesquare.org540 224 1216.)